Featured: Audiobooks

Summer Love

Love comes in many different forms and surprising ways! Here are some suggestions for listening enjoyment on hot summer days.

June is for Weddings

June is the most popular month for weddings. Istanbul, Turkey, is the top wedding city in the world; Las Vegas, Nevada, the second. Listen to an audiobook about weddings & marriage to join the romance.

Travel Stories

Get inspired for your next trip! Listen to other people’s travel memoirs and stories.

New Thrillers

Looking for an edge of your seat book to listen to? Here are a few CD books that are new to the library and have some intrigue, mystery and action!


Read a book about Ireland and maybe the luck of the Irish will rub off on you.

First in a Series

Here are some titles that are the first book of a series. These are great for long drives.

Anne Rice and Anne Tyler

Celebrate Anne Rice and Anne Tyler’s October birthdays by listening to one of their books.