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MaterialĀ Loan Periods & Fees

Reference materials, current magazines, and newspapers are not checked out. Loan Period* Item Limit
Overdue Fee Per Day
Maximum Fee
Books, Magazines, Puppets, Cake Pans, Pamphlets 3 weeks None
$10.00 or cost
Audiobooks, CD Music 3 weeks 10 $0.15 $10.00 or cost
Kindles 3 weeks 1 $5.00 $25.00 or cost
Non-fiction DVDs, TV series on DVD 3 weeks 5 $0.15 $10.00 or cost
Fiction DVDs, Blu-Rays 1 week 5 $0.15 $10.00 or cost
Video Games 1 week 2 $0.15 $10.00 or cost
Book Club Kits 4-8 weeks 1 $1.50 $150.00 or cost
Downloadable Audiobooks, Downloadable e-Books 2 weeks 3 n/a n/a
Downloadable Magazines n/a None n/a n/a
Downloadable Music n/a 3/week n/a n/a


*Items in high demand may have their loan period shortened.