Downloading Audiobooks from WILBOR

*This service is available to Urbandale, Windsor Heights, and rural Polk County residents only. Please click here for more information…

You will need:

  1. A personal computer with Windows 98 or later
  2. A valid library card from your library
  3. Free media software: Overdrive Media Console
  4. Windows Media Player v. 10 or higher (also free)

To get started, just follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Install Free Software

  • Go to the Wilbor website ( Scroll down the left side of the page until you find Digital Software, and click to install OverDrive Media Console and Windows Media Player or OverDrive Media Console for Mac.
    To view current supported audiobook devices, click here.
  • The first time you open OverDrive Media Console or download an audio book, you will be prompted to complete a one-time security upgrade for Windows Media Player. This enables playback of copy-protected Windows Media files.

Step 2: Browse & Check Out Titles

  • Browse and search your digital library.
  • Add selections to your Cart.
    Note: If a download audio book is not available, you may place a hold. You will receive an email when the title is available for checkout.
  • Click on the ‘Proceed to Checkout’ link and enter your library card number.

Step 3: Download to your Desktop or Laptop PC

  • In your Cart, click on the ‘Download’ button under each title to launch OverDrive Media Console.
  • Select parts to download, and then click ‘OK’. The download will begin.

Once downloaded to a PC, audio books can be enjoyed on your computer or transferred to a Pocket PC, PDA, Smartphone, or supported MP3 player. Many titles can be burned to CD.

Transfer to mp3 player or other portable device

  • In the Media Console select the book you want to transfer and click on the “Transfer” button at the top of the Console window.
  • Connect your portable device to the computer, and click on “Next”
  • When the device has been detected, the confirmation window will appear; select the parts that you want to transfer and click on “Next”
  • When the transfer is complete you can disconnect the device. Click on ‘Finish”

Burning to CD (only for those title for which CD burning is allowed by the publisher)

This assumes that you have downloaded the latest version of the Overdrive Media

  • Insert a blank CD-R in the CD drive of your computer.
  • In the Media Console, select the title you want to burn to CD and click on the “Burn” button at the top of the Console window.
  • In the Burn wizard window click “Next”
  • Choose the parts to want to download. It will burn the parts one at a time, and prompt you when you need to insert another blank CD, so you can select all the parts if you want to eventually burn all of them.) Click on “Next.”
  • When each part has been burned you’ll be prompted to insert another CD.

Click here for FAQs and more information on how to download books using WILBOR.