Geisel Awards

Check out the following Geisel Award honorees and winners:

Courageous Americans

Try one of these books and be inspired by a courageous American.

Nominated Actors & Actresses

In addition to the films of the 2015 Academy awards, enjoy these movies featuring the actors/actresses who were nominated or won Best in a Leading Role or Best in a Supporting Role during this year’s awards.

Celtic Music

Whether a lilting, classic ballad or a rollicking, modern number that begs for dancing, Celtic music has charmed people the world over.


Read a book about Ireland and maybe the luck of the Irish will rub off on you.

Grammy Nominated Artists

Now that you’ve watched the award show, listen to songs by some of the nominated artists.

Love is in the Air

Some are fiction, some are non-fiction, but, they are all about love.