Important Notice

Johnston & Urbandale Public Library Partnership Ended – November 2013

The cooperative partnership and joint online catalog our library has shared with the Johnston Public Library has ended. Johnston’s library trustees and staff believe that ending this relationship will benefit their library users, increase their staff productivity, and save them money over the course of time.

Johnston’s decision impacts some of the services provided by our library, but we are committed to making these changes as easy for you as possible.

Although the following changes have been implemented, our library’s dedication to providing quality service to the residents of Urbandale and Johnston remains unchanged.

  • Items owned by Johnston will no longer appear in Urbandale’s online catalog and items owned by Urbandale will no longer appear in Johnston’s online catalog.
  • Residents of Urbandale may still use the Johnston Library and residents of Johnston may still use the Urbandale Library. However, residents will need:
    • an Urbandale card to use the Urbandale Library and a Johnston card to use the Johnston Library
    • an Urbandale card to place a hold on an item owned by the Urbandale Library and a Johnston card to place a hold on an item owed by the Johnston Library
    • to pick up available holds at the library where the material is owned. Items will no longer be delivered, free of charge, between the Johnston and the Urbandale Library
    • to pay fines/fees owed on Urbandale’s materials at the Urbandale Library and fines/fees owed on Johnston’s materials at the Johnston Library