Public Internet

Direct Plug-In/Wireless Internet Access Rules and Procedures

The Urbandale Public Library offers wireless and plug-in connections to the library’s Internet service. Direct plug-in ports are available in designated areas. If you are bringing your own laptop and wish to use the Internet connection, you must have the following:

  • Wireless network interface card (802.11b or compatible)
  • Ability to configure laptop to use the library’s connection
  • Charged battery (electrical outlets may be available)
  • Audio users must bring headphones
  • Direct plug-in users must have a 5 ft. patch cable with RJ45 ends

Connection Rules:

Library staff members will not assist customers with their computer or their configuration. Library staff will not accept the liability of handling non-library equipment.

The library will not assume responsibility for any damage, theft, alterations, interference or loss of any kind to a user’s equipment, software, data files or other personal property brought into or used at the library’s facilities. All virus and security protection is the responsibility of the user.

The library cannot guarantee that this service will be available at any specific time or at any specific speed, nor can the library accept reservations for wireless access. Reservations will be accepted for study rooms and meeting rooms with direct plug-in access (see Study Room Policy and Meeting Room Policy).

The connection shall not be used for illegal or time consuming commercial purposes. Users are asked to limit their connection time to one hour while others are waiting.

Printers are not available through the wireless or direct plug-in access. Users who must print will need to save to storage media and use a public workstation.

Please view the complete Wireless Policy. All other applicable rules from the Computer and Internet Use Policy also apply.