Urbandale Public Library/Holds Pickup Process

Frequently Asked Questions

I reached my hold limit on my account for items that are checked out or on order, how do I place a hold on something to be picked up that is available now? 

You will need to free up space in your holds queue or wait until one of those items comes available. If you are using the holds queue as a wish list, we suggest using the My Lists feature in your library account or Goodreads to free up space. Also, consider dropping holds on items that have a very large queue, the hold can be replaced when the queue is shorter.

How do I know that library materials are safe for me to handle?

There is no guarantee that items are safe to handle. The Library is following the Iowa Department of Public Health’s recommendations for the cleaning of library materials. This includes using EPA registered disinfectants. However, not every surface of all materials may be cleaned every time before they are checked out. For more guidance on the handling of library materials, visit the State Library of Iowa’s website.

Once I’ve scheduled my items for pick up, what do I do?

For your health/safety and ours, we ask that you follow the Pickup Procedure:

  • Arrive in the pickup lane/book drop lane at the north end of the building. Do not get out of your vehicle.
  • Bring a sign with your name on it to hold up in your car.
  • Staff will set your bagged items on the ledge between your car and our Staff Entrance.
  • Staff will place the items on the low wall in the pickup lane, or you can open your trunk and we’ll put the items in there.
  • Keep your window up and wait to exit your car until staff have re-entered the building.

I’ve changed my mind and no longer need the item, what do I do? 

Please let us know if you no longer want the item or need to change the pickup date.

I missed my pickup date, can I reschedule?

We will hold the item for one day after the scheduled pickup date, then the item will be checked back in and moved on to the next patron.