Urbandale Public Library/New Book Return

Returning materials to the Urbandale Public Library just got a little easier!  The Library recently installed a book return outside Webster Elementary School, located at 12955 Aurora.  Patrons are now able to drop off public library materials at any time of day.   Our goal is to make using the Library not only an enjoyable and rewarding experience, but also convenient!


Using the new book return

Items that are returned in the book return will remain on your account until they are brought back to the Library.  When materials are checked back in, our staff will mark the date returned as the previous collection date.  Items that are too large to fit in the book return must be returned to the Urbandale Public Library.

While the book return will be emptied on a regular schedule, please return items to the Library if the book return is full.  Please do not leave items on top of or around the book return.



This new book return is the Library’s second off-site book return.  Last fall, we installed a book return inside Urbandale Middle School at 7701 Aurora Ave. The return at that location is primarily intended for students, teachers, and staff, and is only available when the school building is open.