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Urbandale Public Library/Preservation Week

In honor of Preservation Week (April 25 – May 1, 2021), we’re sharing resources to help you to preserve and protect your personal memories and treasures.

What is Preservation Week?

Sponsored by the (ALA) Association of Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS), Preservation Week inspires actions to preserve personal, family, and community collections in addition to library, museum, and archive collections.  With so many of us staying close to home, now is a great time to sort through your old photos, scrapbooks, recipes, and other memorabilia – and learn how keep those precious items safe!


Get inspired to preserve your family history with live and on-demand educational opportunities!

Preserving Family Recipes, May 4, 6:00 – 7:30 PM

Whether it’s Grandma’s chocolate chip cookies or your mother’s chicken casserole, most of us have a least one family recipe we turn to time and time again. You know, the one that’s handwritten on a dog-eared recipe card or found on a tattered page in a much-loved cookbook (with notes written in the margin)?

Favorite family recipes are like mementos from the past – treasures to be passed down from generation to generation. This special webinar, led by Valerie J. Frey, author of  “Preserving Family Recipes: How to Save and Celebrate Your Food Traditions,”  will help you explore various aspects of your family’s heirloom recipes and how to preserve them for the future.  

After the conclusion of the 60-minute webinar, we’ll discuss what we learned and library resources that are available to help you save your recipes. Register now.

On-Demand Learning Opportunities

The ALA has made a variety of previously recorded 1-hour webinars from past Preservation Week celebrations available for you to watch from home.

Caring for Family Keepsakes: Highlights basic archival care for common family treasures such as photo albums, loose photographs, Bibles, clocks, jewelry, and more. Dozens of photos illustrate proper storage practices, and damage resulting from poor storage and common hazards such as silverfish, mold, and acid migration. Discover what to save when you inherit a houseful of “treasures,” how and where to store your keepsakes, and how to set up a home archive so you can easily access items for research and sharing.

Preserving Your Family History: Everyone has a story and every family has stories that have been lost or forgotten. What does it mean to preserve your family history? Family history can include documents, photos, oral history, and family heirlooms. How do you start researching your own family history? How do you preserve family history for future generations through storytelling?

Preserving Scrapbooks: Scrapbooks can be challenging to preserve since they often contain a diversity of materials. In this webinar, participants will learn:

  • the common problems associated with long-term preservation of scrapbooks
  • how to identify problem materials in older scrapbooks and what to do about them
  • how to identify the most stable materials and bindings for creating new scrapbooks

Caring for Your Textiles: Whether it’s grandma’s wedding dress, a box of military uniforms, or a heirloom quilt, many of us have textiles in our homes that we care deeply about. Preserving these materials can be a challenge due to their materials, size, or condition. This webinar will offer an introduction to different physical characteristics and fibers and hazards faced by these items. A discussion of cleaning and storage techniques that are appropriate for home care will equip you to make good decisions so that your treasured textiles last.

For expert tips on preserving items in your home, visit page 2.