Suggest an addition to our collection

The Urbandale Public Library welcomes purchase suggestions from library users. Although we may not be able to acquire everything that is suggested, your suggestion will receive serious consideration. Please use the Purchase Request form to make a purchase suggestion. While all fields are not required, please enter as much information as you have about the item.

Guidelines for suggested items

  • Check the library catalog to see if the Urbandale Public Library owns the item before submitting your request.
  • For older books (published more than one year ago), specialized technical, or out-of-print materials, you may wish to consider Interlibrary Loan.
  • Customers are allowed to suggest up to 5 items for purchase per month.
  • Suggestions for items that have not yet been published will not be considered

Click here to access our Purchase Request form.

Reader’s Advisory Service

We’re always happy to introduce you to a new author or title and select works from a particular genre.  Our Reader’s Advisory form helps us suggest books that match your reading tastes and habits.  Just complete the form and we’ll get you ready for your next reading experience!