Urbandale Public Library/Summer Reading Program

The Summer Reading Challenge officially ended on August 2. Grand prize winners have been contacted as of August 16 and the final day all prizes will be available for pick up is August 31.

The annual Summer Reading Challenge for kids, teens, and adults will run from June 2 – August 2, 2022!

This year’s theme, “Read Beyond the Beaten Path,” evokes summer camp, nature, and adventure at the library!

The Challenge

Make reading a daily habit this summer by recording the days you read during our challenge. Between June 2-August 2 all ages are encouraged to record at least 15 days of reading to earn mid-point prizes. Everyone that continues tracking to reach 30 days will complete the challenge and earn more prizes!

How to Participate

Step 1

Track your reading with a paper log or online with Beanstack!

  • Online: Beanstack can be used on a browser or through their app. Register at urbandalelibrary.beanstack.org to create your account. You do not need to create a new account if you already have one from our previous summer, winter, or spring reading programs. (Can’t remember your Beanstack password? Click hereNot sure of your Beanstack username? Click here.)
  • Paper: If you would prefer to fill out a paper log, you can pick one up from the library (starting May 31) or download a copy below:

Step 2

Track every day you read between June 2 – August 2. How long you read each day is up to you. (Read 10 minutes, or 2 hours, the choice is yours!) You can read whatever you’d like. Books, e-books, magazines, and comic books all count – and so does listening to an audiobook or being read to.

Step 3

Earn prizes! Everyone earns a mid-point prize after tracking 15 days of reading, and ages 0-17 will earn another prize at 30 days! Youth, ages 0-17, will earn grand prize entries at both 15 and 30 days of reading. Adults that complete the challenge by reading 30 days will also be in the running for grand prizes! (Click here to see what cool grand prizes you can win!)

How to Claim Prizes

New this year: Ages 0-17 Earn Wild(life) Mini-Badges!

Youth (ages 0-17) can earn up to six mini-badge buttons to wear or accessorize as they please! (Magnet badges will be available for those too young for pins.)

After tracking 5 days of reading, stop by the Youth Area (starting June 6) to pick up your first badge. Do the same after 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 days. Badges will feature six different animals. The more you read, the more you can collect!

Mid-point Prizes (Congrats! You tracked 15 days of reading!)

Starting June 16, mid-point prizes will be available to pick up.

  • Youth (ages 0-17) go to the Youth Area and fill out a small form (the form will be your first entry for grand prizes) and then select a free book as your mid-point prize.
  • Adults (ages 18+) go to the Front Desk and let the Staff person know you are ready to pick up the adult mid-point prize. Adults can choose between a multilingual “READ” bracelet OR a voucher for 1 free book from our book sale.

Completion Prizes (Congrats! You completed the challenge and tracked 30 days of reading!)

July 1 is the first day the Summer Reading Challenge can be completed.

  • Youth (ages 0-17) go to the Youth Area and drop off the finished paper log, or if you tracked using Beanstack- fill out a small form (this will be your second entry for grand prizes). Then select a free book as your completion prize.
  • Adults (ages 18+) get an entry into the grand prize drawings as a completion prize. Adults that track with Beanstack will automatically be entered into the grand prize drawings. Adults that track using the paper log will need to turn in their completed paper log to the front desk to be in the grand prize drawing.

The Summer Reading Challenge officially ends on August 2. A short grace period will be given to hand in paper logs and youth entry forms by August 15 to be included in the grand prize drawings. (Click here to see grand prizes.) Grand prize winners will be contacted on August 16 and the final day all prizes will be available for pick up is August 31.


Contact jstolz@urbandale.org for youth and sstanton@urbandale.org for adult question. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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