Urbandale Public Library/Resources/Book Club Kits Available

The library offers two types of book club kits – Standard and Reserved.

  • Standard Book Club Kits are available on a first-come, first-served basis and check out for 8 weeks. To check availability, you can search the library catalog for the title you need and look for the book club kit symbol as seen here ⇒  Book club kit symbol.  Click here for a printer-friendly version of the list.
  • Reserved Book Club Kits are available/for reservations only and check out for 8 weeks. To check availability or reserve a kit, please call the library at 515-278-3945.  Click here for a printer-friendly version of the list.

Book club kits must be picked up at the Urbandale Public Library. The cardholder who checks out the book club kit is financially responsible for returning the entire kit (10 books and the container).


How do I borrow a Book Club Kit?
Book club kits are borrowed with your library card in the same way you would borrow a book. If a standard book club kit is available, there will be a “mock book” case to take to a service desk to check out the kit.

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If you wish to reserve a kit in advance, please see a library staff member. All book club kits must be checked out at the Urbandale Public Library.

How do I return a Book Club Kit?
Return the kits to the Urbandale Public Library front desk, not through the book drop. The entire kit must be returned  (10 books and the container).

Can Book Club Kits be reserved in advance?
Some book club kits are available for reservation. For a complete list of those kits, please click here.

How long can my book club keep the books in a Book Club Kit?
The loan period for book club kits is 8 weeks.

Can Book Club Kits be renewed?
Kits cannot be renewed.

What fines do I pay if a Book Club Kit is returned late?
Fines are $1.50 per day, to a maximum of $150.

Who is responsible for returning books in a Book Club Kit?
The person who borrowed the kit is responsible for ensuring that the kit is returned complete (10 books and the container).

If a book is missing from the Book Club Kit, what do I do?
Inform library staff that a book is missing when you return the kit. You will be given more time to find the book before being asked to pay replacement costs. Fines of $1.50 per day will continue to accrue.

Please call 515-278-3945 for more details.